How to dominate in Football Manager 2022 (Farmers leagues)

Dominate in style in Lyon kit 2022 and prove the doubters that farmers league is just a statement on paper.

Do let me know in the comments section what other leagues you know fit the criteria of today’s video!


00:00 – 00:38 – A bit of introduction
00:38 – 02:17 – Wales
02:17 – 03:41 – South Korea
03:41 – 05:06 – Romania
05:06 – 06:13 – Israel
06:13 – 07:56 – Austria


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My channel is based around the Football Manager game and it is meant to help you (the viewer) to improve your knowledge on the game. On my channel, you will find teams coverage, players coverage, rankings of various clubs and players, tactics coverage and tutorials on various parts of the game.

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I am offering a new perspective on how Football Manager related topics are covered. I love watching mini and full documentaries about football and I am emulating this genre into covering Football Manager related topics.

3. What does the name of the channel mean?

The “stars” in the KingdomOfStars name refers to the stars used in the game for rating players and staff abilities. By watching my video, you will increase your overall knowledge of the game, thus, increasing your star rating.

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